If you want people to come to your website and stay on your website, you must meet their needs. With the user experience at the front of whatever you do on the WordPress website, you will not only welcome visitors, encourage you to explore what you provide.

Bad web layout and design no matter what the offer to anyone to your company. No one will appreciate your new ideas, awesome products or top services because it will bounce and speed up.

Consider not to have a heavy function to streamline the WordPress website with your user’s website. Actually, there are a few simple ways to improve the user experience on your WordPress website and I have seven top companies to share with you right now.

01. Get a clean and simple design

The task above design will always win. How you present your website to your visitors will affect the success of your website. It’s important that overall performance looks clean and simple, without affecting your users.

When someone visits your website, they expect something from that visit to be useful. If they are bombarded with Gareth Web Design and can not be valuable to take away, then you better believe that they will not be back.

Try using a simple WordPress theme, focusing on proper sub-titles, formatting with tablets and listings, and neat typography. Make good use of color contrast, include short and snap paragraphs, and strike a balance between work and design.

02. Make Easy Navigation

There is nothing worse than visiting a website and not being able to find the value of your time. The goal of your website is that your visitors never work for information and do not confuse them for the sake of heaven!

Insert a clear navigation bar, make a list of categories in the sidebar, make sure you have a search box and do not forget about breadcrumbs. Give your visitors your website to stay around and see what your website offers. Navigating is easy, as long as it is.

03. Be Mobile Friendly

Now we all know that mobile-friendly websites are essential these days. Because the SERP will be given to the highly ranked websites that are convenient accordingly, it is necessary that you follow the rules and play together.

Users are pleased to make your website mobile-friendly using a responsive theme. They do not need to rotate their phones around to see your site, scroll right and left, and up and down, and they will be able to navigate from page to page with ease of desktop experience. It just makes sense

04. Speed ​​up your site

If your website is not loaded in three seconds, call your visitors bye-bye. The disappointment that you get when you’re trying to visit the interest website is frustrating and it plays a big role in the user experience and the success of your website.

There are many ways to make your website faster than before. Use a good hosting service or content delivery network (CDN), install the caching plugin, optimize your website’s theme, images, coding and framework, limit the use of plugins, and consider just showing the excerpts of the content so pages are fast loaded.

05. Call for action

Do you know what you expect from your website visitors to your website? Will they buy something? Subscribe to the mailing list? Download by giving?

Immediately tell your users that you expect their next move. Jump up and do not make it complicated! A large part of the user experience is the call-to-action functionality. Less steps involved, better. A simple sign-up form will be sufficient and will make both of you and the user happy.

06. Make social sharing easy-to-oily

Website users love social media. Follow each day, follow, tweet, share, +1, and so much more, as they depend on their lives. So, it will come in the sense that you’re encouraging them to do it on your website.

The key to increasing social sharing is to make icons visible and put them in the expected location. The popular choice in the header space is very nice near the navigation bar, the sidebar is clear, the top or bottom of the posts are expected or floats are better floating and let users follow it after reading your content. .

07. Include simple contact information to find

You will be surprised how many big companies leave contact information at the bottom of their website, in print you need a magnifying glass to see it. I mean, seriously? Users want to know what your company is. Visitors want to believe that you’re the right company for them.

Do not stiffen to find information, do not scroll down to find the users ‘contact us’ link, do not click through a set of pages to get a contact form.


Prioritizing user experience while designing your website is not necessarily disturbing or eliminating the need for your website. You can still create a beautiful looking website that is easy to navigate, which tells your visitors exactly what to do and how to contact you, while your company retains the look and feel. Remember, a cool website does not mean that if someone does not visit it.

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