They say that if you can spoil someone’s life, then teach them how to look for bad kerning. But if you want to take things one step further, just can not blur it.

Unsee is not a small online game created by Alex Kotliarskyi that focuses attention on all the little details that make your attention good and bad – UI design. In each round, you show two identical images of the interface. What you need to do is decide which design is most true. Once you have made your decision. You can not overlay the images on each other so that you can compare both by switching between them.

Cortisone quizzes are nice and easy with the Web fonts and the GTI icon. It becomes more difficult as it tells you to identify more confusing UI design bugs like poor padding, false alignment, and bad image aspect ratio. By the end of the quiz. You are trying to find yourself in a pair of nearby similar pictures, trying to find the difference. Then there is no worse and ultimately does not ask questions on your thorough understanding of aesthetic decision. Which is always a delight.

Each well-known team of good design earns you points. At the end of the game you can choose to get your score. The time you took it to complete the quiz – are submitted to the online high score table for additional brigging rights.

When it focuses only a little bit on IOS interfaces. Most of the fundamentals covered are applied to all parts of the UI design. And when many of them are aware that you, the designer, already know about it. Then it is the perfect way to test your attention in detail.

It’s also a great way to educate friends and family who really do not really understand what you are doing all day. So go ahead, share it with them and who knows, maybe you can spoil their life at the same time.