You can produce awesome video content and play a nice YouTube channel, but if you do not go an extra mile to promote it, then getting a new subscriber becomes a challenge.

Think of it as a funnel. To become your subscriber, someone should watch your video through a YouTube search or referral link, they will see it, and then if they find it interesting enough, they will subscribe to your channel.

However, it is natural for people to “fall” with any action. Say, out of 10 people who have found your video, only 8 will choose to watch it, 6 will see it till the end, and 3 of them will subscribe.

In this article, I have collected the best efforts to draw even more attention to your YouTube channel, which is also at zero cost.

Write related titles and descriptions

It’s crucial to speak a language just like your audience, and when you want to be creative with titles, you should use the exact conditions that you want your video to display. YouTube Search Engines work just like Google, so be specific and use keywords that your potential viewers will use.

Is your word choice or topic inaccurate? Go to Google Trades and write down your thoughts to compare the level of interest for each of them.
Google Trends

Likewise, descriptions are considered to have a low impact on optimization, however, that does not mean that you should not take care of them or just use them to repeat your keywords.

For example, type “10 breakfast recipes” in YouTube search and you’ll see dozens of similar titles. Opportunities, your video will also end up surrounded by uploading on similar issues. In such a case, the first line of video description is the best way to stand out. Use it to explain how your video is different and to explain why it is worth watching.

Create Custom Thumbnails

Many new YouTube users believe thumbnails are not important because they have no influence on their search engine and will not help display the video on YouTube’s first page.

However, just like the descriptions, thumbnails have a huge impact on your video click-through rate. In other words, it is often dependent on the thumbnail, even if someone likes to watch a video on another video.

Organize video in playlists

There are two unexpected advantages of creating playlists. First, with thumbnails, playlists make it easy and easy to navigate your channel. This means that viewers are more likely to spend more time searching their topic of interest. Second, playlist optimization brings value and helps you appear in search results.

Think of it this way – A title and playlist description is an additional piece of information for the YouTube algorithm to understand what your video is like. Why would you lose your chance to repeat keywords and increase your chances of finding keywords?

Start videos with a bang

Have you heard of an average person’s attention today? To be precise, it’s between 8 and 12 seconds. The video blogging industry means that if you do not capture the viewer’s attention in those first seconds, then lose it.

To see how to grab your videos carefully, go to Creator Studio – Analytics – Audience Retention. Graphic shows that the percentage of audience decreases because the video continues. In the graphic below, 40% of viewers lost their interest a minute later, and watched 20% more video by the end.
Audience retention

Industry benchmark is 50%, which means that most of the videos are only seen in half way. However, if you are seeing a large audience drop-down in the first 10 seconds, it means that you need to improve your introduction.

Get to the point immediately

Do not waste time on long intro or obscure talk. Brian Dean, SEO and content marketing expert, recommends using “PPP Formula”, which is used for the preview, the evidence, the preview.

According to Brian, once you see the first 15 seconds of your video, he will see it at the end. To do that, use those precious seconds to tell viewers about what your video is like, explain why they should believe in you and add a short teaser or sneak peak to spark interest and motivate viewers to stay up to the end.

Oppose the temptation to use special effects – they are often distracted. Play with the simplest contrasting text and smooth transitions instead.

Finish with call-to-action

Every successful marketing knows here: if you do not ask, people will not react. Remember to pay attention to the world of neglect and perseverance? This is exactly why call-to-action is needed.

If someone enjoyed your video, it is also a chance to forget to give it easily or subscribe to your channel. So, remembering them is up to you. You’ve worked hard to create this video and provide value for viewers, so there is no reason to be shy to ask for a little love in return.

Annotations were a great tool to receive subscriptions, but personal requests are always more efficient. Inspire viewers to be a part of your audience to see what they expect from your next videos and what it is for them.

Use the ultimate screen and card

However, criticism was closed in May, you have already heard about the screens and cards. If you have not used it for your channel yet, then it is time, because the combination of cards and finished screens is a five times more powerful and authentic way to stop viewers with your content. Best of all, they are mobile-friendly and work in the YouTube app.

Here’s the best way to avoid video blockers and screen clutter. Stay tuned to a simple approach and do not link more than two videos to the final screen.

To make sure your end screen strategy is efficient, go to Creator Studio> Analytics> Interaction Reports> End Screen. You can see how many clicks are reversed against how often every final screen component is shown.

Answer every comment with a thoughtful answer

One side troliding, leaving a comment really takes a little time and dedication – it can be YouTube or any other social network. Your responsibility means that you appreciate the efforts and you care. Encourage discussions in your videos, ask questions, create polls (you can use cards for them), and interact with every comment you receive.

Apart from this, there are also great bonuses: There is a hint on the YouTube search engine with the number of comments, likes and subscriptions that your video is eligible for attention. However, do not try to make the system play just by leaving meaningful comments for the quantity. It’s painful and there is the possibility of removing your potential critics.

Cross-promote your videos via social media

Cross-promoting your content on various platforms is an extraordinary way of finding new audiences. The truth is, you never know how your next subscriber will get your channel: clicking the Referral link, browsing Twitter hashtags or scrolling to Facebook Newsfeed. Therefore, being present on multiple platforms is beneficial for developing the community.

Your promotion workflow may include embedding a video post in a blog post, sharing it via Twitter, publishing on Facebook and Pinterest. It’s all about repurposing. If you want to make an official voice – Craft your messages separately for each platform. It probably takes only 10 minutes, however, pays in the long run.
Social Media

To analyze how well your cross-promotion strategy works, go to Creator Studio> Analytics> Traffic Sources> External You can view or embed a certain amount of traffic coming from websites that link to your videos.

Pro tip: If you have a Facebook page for your channel, you can promote your audience to a new audience for as little as $ 5 to see if it works for you or not.

Become an active member of specific communities

Whether you’re a drone video blogger, makeup artist, gamer or no language teacher – there are forum and communities in every field. Start taking part in your exclusive community.

Your goal is to make sure that people know what you’re doing without spammers. Do not just share links to your videos, while your bio or signature is a link to your channel, but provide your opinion and advice.

Collaborate with other YouTube users

It is important for YouTube users to collaborate because it is a way of opening up new audiences and having a fun experience.

Reach YouTube users who can provide an additional value to your audience. If you review smartphones, look for apps or mobile accessories reviewers; If you talk about makeup trends, you want to collaborate with Fashionista; DIY youtube can successfully collaborate with each other … you got this idea.

You also ask your subscribers what channels they can see to get more interest in the interest they have.