It is no secret that Instagram can be a very powerful marketing tool. Use it, and it can help you increase your brand and tap into a completely new audience. But like any promo tool, it can be hard to get the best from Instagram.

Anyone who has mastered the platform well and accurately is a dot feng, a self-styled ‘mother of social media dragons’. Earlier today, she announced her failed safe formula for receiving and retaining followers in a packed room on Digital Design Days, and we got her to know more about it later. Here are five hot tips for hacking the Instagram algorithm.

01. Talk, talk, talk

The rule is one: Create dialogue. Feng says, “Social media is not a one-way street; it’s a two-way tango.” Instagram should just put you out of content and forget about it. Read your comments and start interacting with your followers. The more people will talk to you, the more you increase your reach.

If you are a brand, you’ll need to make an announcement at a potential time, but make sure you’re balanced with the conversation. Make sure your followers are getting something back.

It’s time to get help, to help. Figure out what your brand means and tell people; Opinion helps open a dialogue.

02. Your audience feels something

Keep your content consistent and remember, emotional content is more relevant to people.

When your audience is mostly resonated, however, there will be a lot of changes in the group from the group, there are some global human emotions on the internet. “It’s a joke. If you can laugh at them, it’s automatically shareable,” says Feng. “If you can say to him, ‘Oh God, me too’, it is likely to become viral.” In addition to that, make use of what you know about your audience to make them feel similar to what they feel.

03. Do not be perfect

The key thing with Instagram is that what you really say reflects your brand personality. Feng says that every time real and organic is complete and packaged.

It may require a bit of mental shift, creating a complete image is something that companies have historically invested in a lot of time and effort.

It qualifies for its previous statement. “Research shows that Millennials trust trustworthy brands, so they can be raw and realistic, or you can be honest and polished, and it’s okay.” The message is to find your official voice and is compatible with your messaging. To broker the confidence of your audience is to keep consistently relevant.

Remember: your VB attracts your tribe. If you push a fake person, you do not want to attract the real followers.

04. Niche down

On Instagram, your content is more curated, better. Do not trust us? Take a look at the House of Magazines, which make content compatible from super-typical Instagram communities. Whether you’re a cacti, David Bowie or a color yellow, here’s a dedicated magazine for you. The number of followers is unique to how popular the very special channels can be.

So how do you find your special place? “What are your true passions? Why are you so warm and crazy, and keep in mind what you are thinking … Keeping in mind the hours and hours, imagine what you do not mind,” the lungs suggest. “You have to get disorganized. I mean you do not have to do it, but it’s easier if you do.”

05. Try new tools

You have a set of tools to make greasy stuff and make sure your posts jump in someone’s feed. As well as very popular VSCO filters (“everyone has it”), the lungs just like the hottest instrument likes unfolds. Use it to quickly create professional-looking stories

Cutstory is another favorite – used to cut your videos in parts of 15-second – but Instagram has recently introduced a feature that automatically does this. “I still prefer to use it because you do not always have to post everything,” adds Feng.