01. Classic business card

If you do not have any creative ideas, go with this. It has a standard form, all the information is essential, and hey … if you want you can still design it well. In our example, the Mad Traveler Club card is quite average, but has been made attractive by nice paper and latpresspress printing.

02. Wild-format business card

Some designers want to play with different forms for business cards. Some go with a large fold structure which converts the card into a small brochure, others prefer to be smaller. Anyway, when you give it your card can be a good way to take note, but you should also consider how to save your card. Use wisely and you can create a business card as cool as the business card of Franco Calgiori.

03. Social networking business card

Phone number? What do you do with it? Call me? Come one … The social network’s card reflects its conversations. Some will forget the traditional contact routes such as address or phone number (please do not talk about fax, it will be embarrassing). Instead of online interest, its Twitter account will add a Facebook Page URL, or share its IM information on the card.

04. Gadget Business Card

Not to make simple cards, but to create a card that can be transformed, it creates an impression when you give it up. You can try to be creative and you will get a note for sure.

05. Typographic Business Card

One can argue that all business cards are typographic, which are true, but I’m talking about business cards here that typically use typography to look cool. Typographic business cards can be very fun for any graphic designer.