Enjoy using the right side of your brain? For creative thinking, graphic design jobs can be exciting, fun, and potentially attractive. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top performers earn more than $ 83,140 a year. Apart from this, graphic designers who reach the Art Director’s position – the person who is responsible for visual style and images in magazines, newspapers, production packaging, movies and TV shows – make an average of $ 92,500 per year. It’s valuable (literally) to complete your graphic design skills during your career.

Another reason to enter this area: Kevin Jankosky, director of the Rhode Island School of Design of Career Center, says that graphic design jobs are here to stay. “In our terms of saturated world, graphic designers are always more important, because they help filter the scene’s character, which makes us bomb every day,” says Jankoski.

To get a rich career as a graphic designer, you need the right set of skills. Here is a list of graphic design skills employers who are looking for today.


You probably do not need to spell it out for yourself, but let’s cut this home: Creativity is not the most important skill for graphic designers. If you do not know how to tap into your creative resources, it is difficult to come up with new ideas and innovative designs. Having a visual eye requires that you work in whatever medium.


Understanding what a client wants a design is a key to creating a successful product. But, “In today’s digital era, where everyone focuses personally on their phones and electronic devices, many do not know how to talk to customers,” said Jankosky. Thus, support for better listening, reacting to the reaction and explain design components-without technical-you will have a big advantage.


Jakovsky says that the ability to make a written language is not only legible but also attractive from sight. “In these days, any person who can access all types of fonts online imaginable, but who is more trained and uses fonts, how they are used, and their use will become a more effective designer.”

Adobe’s Creative Apps

Know about how to use Adobe’s creative software – especially Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop – is an essential requirement for many graphic design jobs. In fact, “It is equally integral to being a graphic designer that we are now seeing students using high school and middle school software,” says Jankoski.

Interactive Media

Professor Sue Jenkins from Graphic Design at the University of Maryland Says. It says that it is best to expose yourself to different types of media.


Jenkins says that for most of the graphic design jobs you do not have to be expert in coding, “The least basic understanding of HTML is important, because it teaches you to understand what website you want to build.” By learning the fundamentals of Java and C ++, you will be able to market more.


This business skill is important for graphic designers. Indeed, to be able to understand the customer’s needs, you first have to understand your client’s brand. Branding through social media, in particular, just applies to many graphic design jobs.

Deliver presentations

As Jenkins says, graphic designers are essentially storytellers. Therefore, the ability to take complex data and make it a more valuable employee to present customers, or customers, clearly, digestibly.

Treat your resume like a presentation

As a graphic designer, you know how important a clean, clear layout is to attract someone, and this is very true for your resume. Your skills should be shown correctly that the renting managers will take you to the top of the pile. Can you help with it a bit? Get a free resume evaluation from Monsters Resume Writing Service experts You will get detailed feedback on two business days, including the review of the content and content of your business and the first impressions of the recruiter.

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