If you’re a professional you logo you want, let’s be honest. Logo can provide a nice starting point to design apps. But you really need to hire. or to be a professional graphic designer (if you want to either. Our Design jobs check listings). And if you are setting up a serious business or creating a new brand, trust us. It’s the value of the investment.

But perhaps you do not have logo, and therefore logo design apps, for another purpose, which is super-slick and professional. Maybe you’re creating a program for school fete, or a poster for a local theater group. Perhaps you need to create a fast logo for work only for internal use; A brochure mockup or internal report, says.

In such cases, there are many logo design apps that can help you to create a logo that looks quickly and easily semi-reputable. Even if you do not have the design skills or are at the initial level.

In this post, we have selected our five favorite logo design apps. Which have slightly different items to offer depending on your needs. And if you need some extra help, take a look at our deep logo design article. Where you need to know about the art of the logo.

1. Logo Maker by Light Creative Lab 

This is our favorite logo design application for beginners. It has an excellent interface that is easy to pick without any notification and without a wide range of customization options. Which allows you to create a logo design that is really personal. Apart from that, it’s totally free to download from the Google Play Store.

To get started, open the app and click the ‘Create’ button to get started. Then you are given a surprisingly large number of icons, grouped in the category; Although note that while some are free, some are paid for.

For the first time, we recommend clicking on the ‘colored’ category and start playing just one game. Once you’ve chosen an icon. You can customize it using the nifty sliders at the bottom of the screen. As well as add and customize backgrounds, shapes, and text in your heart’s content.

Overall, this app strikes you at full balance to choose endless options without ever tearing you with you. Once you are done, you can email your design as an application’s gallery or as a PNG file.

2. Logoscopic by RoadRocks

Our favorite logo design application for beginners by using iOS. logoscopic provides an easy way to create a logo using different pre-designed visuals, without any design design requirements. It is also available for Android users.

Start by selecting your logo categories (iconic, pro, art, lifestyle, fashion, or people), then one of the listed sub categories within them. Note that the app itself is free to download, but without all these iConic> 1, in-app purchases appear, so it’s a good sub-category to play the game with.

Once you select a symbol, you can start creating your logo using intuitive controls. This allows you to add and customize text, change colors, move items around the screen, and then email or email your design when it’s done.

We arrange to create some simple but nice looking logo designs in just minutes, using free assets in this application. And if you’re ready to ‘unlock everything’ for $ 4.99, then there are thousands of templates, over 200 fonts, and more than 850,000 images of the library to use.

3. Logopit Plus by Iris Studios

This application has a little bit of identity crisis. It’s called Logo Maker Plus – the graphic design and logo maker on Google Play, but when you download it, the icon takes the words ‘Logopit Plus’.

Confusion persists when you open an application, and you have a ‘logo’ option (you can also use it to create all types of posters, flyers, pinterest pin and other visual delays).

No problem: Once you click on the ‘Logo’ option, this free app performs a cure. On the first screen, click ‘Add a new logo’ and you are taken to the selection of free icons (or you can choose ‘Exclusive’ or ‘Premium’ if you want to pay).

Pick what you want and then use intuitive controls to resize it, change colors, add texture background, rotate it, or fade and distort. Then add text, select from 60 free fonts (or download a paid-up custom pack) and then start sizing, rotate, curve, wiring, and knead using a series of cool sliders.

There is a ton of icons and customization options for your logo design, though the interface is a little confusing and is slightly more used than the first two apps on our list.

4. ICONA Logo Maker

In contrast to other apps on our list, the ICONA Logo Maker is not free (it costs $ 1.99), and the tagline tagline on the App Store (‘Professional Logo Studio’) does not inspire confidence completely.

On the plus side, however, it has astonishing one million custom designs, which are not sneaky. (However, when it comes to finding what you need, it raises a problem, it’s a problem that’s good.)

This app also has extremely advanced series controls including smart layering, fill and stroke coloring, solid and gradient coloring, cutting and leading, alignment, blurring, and grid snapping. Of course, it’s a good or a bad thing, it will often depend on these levels of familiarity. It also depends on the size of your fingers, and you are involved in such a cheerfulness, especially on an iPhone (the iPad might be a better bet).

The main reason for checking the ICONA Logo Maker is the least approach for the logo design. Its signs are equally attractive, thoughtfully imagined and beautifully clean; And this list is nicely opposite with some ‘cheesier’ graphics offered by other apps.

5.  Hatchful Logo Maker by Shopify

Shopify is an ecommerce platform, and so its logo maker is specially designed for entrepreneurs. Downloading on iOS or Android is free, whether you’re a Shopify customer or not.

The first thing you see is the professional look of the interface, which looks like a sleek design website compared to any other apps on our list. Then you choose between your business category, sports and entertainment from gifts and stores (or ‘none of the above’). Click ‘Next’ at the bottom and you will be asked to choose from your ‘Brand Values’, Vintage to Youth, Quiet and Hardworking.

Then you type your name, add a formula if you like, choose the places your logo will appear (online store, business cards …) and the app will create a template for you, which you can choose later Can be customized All the common text, color and resizing tools

This approach to creating a non-business logo can be a little confusing and incompatible. But if it’s the company logo you want, and you’ve firmly focused on your ‘values ​​and milestones’, it’s a very quick and easy way to create nice, beautiful logos.